I do not know anything. Where do I start?

Instead of re-hashing content which has been written about before, we instead provide a curated list of topics that we'll assume familiarty with from the reader.

  1. How does Ethereum work?

    1. Ethereum Development Documentation
    2. How does Ethereum work, anyway?
  2. Basic Solidity (to write smart contracts):

    1. CryptoZombies: A gentle introduction to Solidity via an interactive code school.
    2. Solidity Documentation: The documentation is always up to date with the latest Solidty changes and syntax. It provides a great end-to-end description of the language. You MUST have read this resource in its entirety.
    3. Solidity by Example: A tour through Solidity's syntax via a set of illustrative examples.
    4. Learn Solidity in Y minutes One-page example on Solidity's syntax.
    5. Solidity Cheatsheet A cheatsheet.
  1. Hardhat & Typescript (to develop and test locally):

    1. Hardhat Documentation: Hardhat is a smart contract development framework providing utilities for compiling, testing and deploying smart contracts written in Solidity with Javascript (JS) and Typescript (TS).
    2. Ethers.js Documentation: Ethers.js is the most widely used and flexible development library for interacting with Ethereum from JS and TS
    3. Typescript cheatsheet: We will be using TS instead of JS in order to leverage types to make our code more robust.
    4. Solidity Template: An opinionated Hardhat + TS repository set up including boilerplate and other popular tools
  2. Smart contract patterns (to learn about the fundamental smart contract building blocks):

    1. Solidity Patterns (code): A curated list of patterns which you will encounter in the wild.
    2. OpenZeppelin (code): A library of secure smart contracts ranging from access control, tokens, governance, proxies and more.
  3. Smart contract security (to learn about the mistakes others before you made): We emphasize the need to be familiar with the concepts in the links below. Security must be the number one priority in any smart contract developer's mindset.

    1. Smart Contract Security Best Practices A timeless must-read resource on "how to write secure smart contracts".
    2. Reports by security auditors:
      1. samczsun
      2. Trail of Bits
      3. OpenZeppelin
      4. Consensys Diligence